“...Tunes that make you feel nostalgic and tunes that make you giddy...something you should hear.”

      - Al Borde


“Some of the most original and affecting music I’ve heard in the last 10 years. Killer songwriting, delivered with emotional power and guts—and endlessly inventive musicality. The kind of songs I’ve been waiting to hear.”

     - Ben Deily

SONIC SEDUCTION: the revelatory sounds of Somos Uno

That giddy feeling of falling in love: as if your stomach dropped down to your knees—and your perceptions turned thrillingly upside-down. “That’s the feeling we want to create when you hear one of our songs,” declares Tijuana-born Miguel Ángel Montes—co-founder of bilingual alternative rock band Somos Uno. He smiles modestly. “At least, well...that’s what we’re always aiming for.” ...Read More


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